If you ever had any kind of a sleep problem or a disorder, then you know how difficult and stressful it can be. Fortunately, there are solutions to these problems and more and more people use natural sleep aids and alternative ways to solve their how to get to sleep problems.

Instead of using various drugs or addictive medicaments, you would be surprised to find out there are some natural remedies easily available even in your home. From diet, nutrition and relaxation techniques, to various herbs and supplements, there are some great natural aids you can find and use. Of course, not every will work for everybody and it is always good to also contact your doctor, but we bring you the most popular ones.


1. Melatonin – this is a hormone produced in human body with the task to regulate the natural sleep cycle. It is the hormone that helps us to feel sleepy and then fall into peaceful, deep sleep. The problem is that our body is not always producing enough melatonin and nobody knows why! But then it causes various sleep problems and the solution is to seek the products that contain melatonin. Melatonin is usually consumed 30 minutes before you go to bed for the best results.

best natural sleep aidMelatrol is one of the best natural sleep aids that is based on melatonin. It combines quality natural ingredients to fight your sleep problems on a long term basis. Melatrol contains melatonin and gamma amino butyric acid which are usually found in healthy people, and through these compounds it guarantees that you will fall asleep fast, maintain your sleep cycles and get relief from the stress and anxiety.

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Pregnant and nursing women should not use melatonin.

2. Valerian – this is a very popular herb used for centuries as one of the natural sleep aids and anxiety relief. In many countries, people with sleep problems and insomnia can easily acquire valerian as an over-the-counter remedy. One of the best things about valerian is that unlike many other sleep medications, it doesn’t trigger addiction or make you feel drowsy in the morning. Many people report that valerian really helped with their sleep issues but you should know it doesn’t work for everyone.

Insomnia natural remedyIn general, natural herbal remedies for insomnia and various sleep problems are becoming very popular. Especially, if they are 100% organic and FDA registered – like this Insomnia remedy which we recommend.

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Valerian is usually available as an extract in powder or liquid form, as a dried herb in tea form, or in pills. Most of the people prefer taking the pills because they don’t like the smell of the natural form. It is sold as a dietary supplement. For achieving the best results with valerian as one of the natural sleep aids, you should take it shortly before bedtime. Also, to really feel its effect, you should take it regularly for two to three weeks.

Valerian contains several chemicals that affect the central nervous system with emphasize on the brain and this is how it helps with peoples’ sleep problems. Side effects of valerian may include headache, palpitations, mild indigestion and dizziness and it would be best if not to be taken with a lot of medications, especially those that depress the central nervous system, such as sedatives and antihistamines. In any case, if you intend to use valerian for a longer period, it is always recommended to consult a certified medical stuff.

3. Chamomile – this is another very popular herbal sleep aid used from ancient times by people for not only to get quick relief for insomnia and anxiety but also for its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial effects.

Chamomile is usually taken as a tea and it has good taste. The most effective way is to drink it about a half an hour before going to bed. Great thing about chamomile is it doesn’t cause addiction and also it does not have to be used on a regular basis to be effective for your sleep disorders. You can only use it from time to time and still get the effect. This is why chamomile is one of the most used natural sleep aids.

It is now believed that chamomile is mostly helpful in relieving the symptoms of mild sleep problems.

4. A proper diet – this could be very important for ensuring the good and restful sleep. Avoiding certain foods is as important as including others in your daily diet. You should avoid food that was treated or processed with chemicals. Do not take to much sugar, caffeine and alcohol if you want to sleep better, especially don’t take these ingredients before going to sleep.

On the other hand, there are some “good” foods that could really help you in getting relief for some of the certain sleep disorders. This right food taken before bedtime can increase natural serotonin levels. Serotonin acts as a natural sedative. Foods that can be used for this include chicken, turkey, cheese, cottage cheese, fish, milk, nuts, avocados and bananas.

5. Mild exercise and relaxation techniques – both can reduce stress and muscle tension which are known factors for causing sleep problems. A lot of people use these techniques as natural sleep aids right before going to bed. Because not only they ease physical tension but they calm the mind and prepare the body to sleep. These techniques include meditation, progressive muscle relaxation, breathing exercises and yoga.

Two things used often by people suffering from sleep disorders to calm their body and mind before going to bed are meditation and visualization.  Common forms of mediation are meditation on the breath and mantra meditation. On the other hand, a lot of people focus their energy on a healing visualization as a method of alternative therapy for their sleep disorder.

6. Acupuncture – in recent years, acupuncture has become popular alternative way people use to get help for their various sleep issues and insomnia. It could be used as one of the natural sleep aids because after consistent treatments, it is believed acupuncture boosts melatonin and serotonin levels in the body which both are very helpful for getting a good sleep and regular sleep cycles.

7. Sensory techniques – two most often used for getting a better sleep are hydrotherapy and aroma therapy. Hydrotherapy is used either as a water therapy or relaxing in an Epsom salt bath and a lymph stimulating footbath. Aroma therapy includes the use of therapeutic essential oils in baths, massage oils, and room sprays. Both have been reported by people to have positive effects for a good sleep.

We hope we have provided you with some useful information on natural sleep aids and techniques as an alternative to prescription drugs and heavy medicaments or at least as to be used as a combination. Alternative practices and techniques can help many types of sleep disorders. But you should be aware that these products and techniques are not approved and monitored by FDA and for your safety, it is always smart to consult your doctor, especially if you intend to use these natural sleep aids for a longer period. If your real problem is snoring, we have a special page dedicated only to how to stop snoring problems. 


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